Summer is apparently the busiest time for me at SEGA and so far it has definitely lived up to this! I’ve been working away on stuff for next year and for upcoming shows. So less sketching, more computer! Specially as things get to the end of development stages. While it may be busy it does mean things get exciting and I can’t wait to finally stand next to a product with my mark on it. Which hopefully won’t be too far off now.

I did manage to of course sneak another trip to Bulgaria into my work-load though. Only thing was getting used to the fact I was only going for a week rather than a month like back in University days. Considering how fast days go at work and then comparing how slow the time went on holiday though, it really did feel like I was away for a month.

I’m still thinking of new ways to get back into the speed of things and begin working on personal design projects. The most annoying part is that I have multiple projects that I’ve started but not finished into a state I’m happy with yet. I will definitely be releasing a new caricature soon, partly because I’m doing it for a contest. The unique thing about this caricature though and partly why its been taking SO LONG to complete is that I’m using it to experiment on for a new style of work. Using the skills I’ve learnt at SEGA too!

Anyway that’s all for now, keep following, listening to the tunes I post and check out my photos from these last two months with this post!

Alex :)

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