What better time to begin my DONDONDIARY posts again than 2014. Dondondesign has been going for almost 5 years now, probably even longer if I could actually remember the exact date I made the first “Dondon” logo. Its been the brand I’ve held through University and now I’ve left education who knows where it will go next. After a stormy Christmas, January has been a very busy start to the year already. I’ve been doing some freelance work for some companies to gain some experience and add some more bits and pieces to my portfolio. One of the companies being the record label, Cr2 Records. Anyone who knows me or has been following my networks for a long time will definitely know there are two things I always love working with, cars and music! So its been fun to at least keep the music side going while I search for a way to work with cars again.

All this work has definitely made it difficult to keep up with my own artwork though. I’m still very eager to start another “Faces of Music” caricature after the success of last years Halloween special caricature. There are still a lot of ideas on my list, so I just need to make a decision to which DJs to choose next! Its also been a long time since I’ve had a chance to sit down and render one of my vehicle sketches too. Which again with the amount I sketch, I have many ideas that are just waiting to be turned into something colourful and finished. It will hopefully only be a matter of time though, I’m just waiting till my life is in an organised stage with a permanent job and money coming in, then I can leave some time for my own personal pieces again.

Will tell you more next month. Till then, keep watching out for new updates on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

Alexander Donovan

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